Register custom Hexo tag {% tabs %}.


Register custom Hexo tag {% tabs %}.

This tag is rendered as a Bulma tabs component.

Each individual tab must be wrapped with <!-- tab [...tab_param] --><!-- endtab -->

Tag Parameters:
Name Type Description
align string [Optional] Alignment of the tabs. Available values are: left, centered, right, fullwidth. Default alignment is left.
size string [Optional] Size of the tabs. Available values are: small, medium, large. Default size is normal.
style string [Optional] Style of the tabs. Available values are: boxed, toggle, toggle-rounded. Default style is none.
Tab Parameters:
Name Type Description
id string [Optional] The ID of the current tab. This value must be unique on each page.
active boolean [Optional] Whether to show current tab by default. Only one of the tabs can be set to active.
title string [Optional] Title of the current tab.
icon string [Optional] Icon of the current tab. Use FontAwesome icon class name for this field.
Name Type Description
hexo Hexo The Hexo instance.
{% tabs align:fullwidth size:small style:toggle-rounded %}
<!-- tab active id:tab_hello title:Hello -->
This is hello.
<!-- endtab -->
<!-- tab id:tab_info 'icon:fas fa-info' 'title:Info Tab' -->This is info.<!-- endtab -->
{% endtabs %}