Getting Started with Icarus

Getting Started with Icarus

Welcome to the Icarus documentation site! Icarus is a simple, delicate, and modern theme for the static site generator Hexo. It strives to be elegant in design while simple and straightforward to use. Its versatile and flexible configuration system enables power users lay out their sites to the finest details. Icarus also offers a wide range of plugins and widgets to meet your various customization and optimization needs. Moreover, its refreshed implementation enables better IDE support and third-party integration, which open to a sea of improvement possibilities.

Before you continue to the installation of Icarus, take some time to review the Hexo documentation. To install Icarus, take one of the following approaches:

Download the source code tarball from the GitHub and extract it to your Hexo site's theme directory. Alternatively, you can use Git to clone the Icarus repository to the `themes` directory:
Git Bash/Shell
git clone themes/icarus -b <version number> --depth 1

You can omit -b <version number> to get the latest development version of Icarus. Leave --depth 1 out if you want to download full Git commit history of Icarus as well. Furthermore, you can install Icarus as a Git submodule with the following command:

Git Bash/Shell
git submodule add themes/icarus

Next, activate Icarus in your site’s _config.yml file:

theme: icarus

or use the hexo command to change the theme to Icarus:

hexo config theme icarus

Finally, use the following command to start the Hexo local server and begin composing!

hexo server

To learn more about the theme, widgets, and plugins, check out the Icarus User Guide. You can also refer to the source code of this site for more examples. It is in the site branch of the Icarus repository on GitHub. Additionally, you may find help from other Icarus users on GitHub Discussions.

Additional Resources

Here are some other resources that you may find useful to further customize your site. You can also submit your Icarus tutorial through this link.

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